"SmartGreen saves us $1.7 million a year, boosting factory uptime and profitability"

HP Indigo

SmartGreen is your building, but smarter. Using pioneering technology, SmartGreen enables buildings - from supermarkets to restaurant chains - to save energy and money. And the best part? You don't need any additional technology -- SmartGreen works with what you already have and makes it more efficient.

With clients including McDonalds, HP and Shufersal, Israel's biggest supermarket chain, learn how SmartGreen can save you money, today.

How It Works

  1. SmartGreen's dedicated team will come to your site and install OptiNrgery, a software, to analyse, display and manage energy usage across your building(s).
  2. Using expert sensors, the software pinpoints and highlights the primary causes of energy waste across your site(s). What can be measured can also be managed, resulting in serious savings.
  3. The software enables energy performance optimisation of existing equipment and systems with no additional equipment. It's that simple!

Case Study: McDonalds

McDonalds Corporation turned to SmartGreen to help manage their energy use and sites.


With high HVAC, water heating, cooking and refrigeration loads, McDonald's wanted to reduce energy costs but lacked the tools to track and manage their energy consumption.

The goals:

  • McDonald's wanted to provide their customers and employees with comfortable temperatures and clean air to breathe
  • They needed a way to verify that each restaurant's coolers and freezers were staying cold enough to comply with food safety regulations
  • With high energy bills, they were looking to manage their energy consumption in a sustainable way

The solution:

Using a three-party strategy, SmartGreen created:

  • Automatic fault detection and diagnostics. SmartGreen pinpoints the root cause of the problem, notifies the right person and suggests actions to fix the problem
  • A web-based user interface across multiple stores, making it easier to visualise problems with thermal comfort, indoor air quality, food safety and energy consumption
  • Measurement of energy savings and verification that problems have been fixed correctly

Today, SmartGreen powers hundreds of McDonald's sites, resulting in:

  • 15% energy savings
  • More comfortable conditions for customers and employees
  • Malfunctions detected before causing disruption
  • Food spoilage rates significantly reduced

Case Study: HP

HP approached SmartGreen with a significant goal: to save energy and reduce the company's carbon footprint.


HP's Indigo Division operates a major electronic ink production plant and digital printing press manufacturing facility at its campus in Israel. They wanted to reduce their carbon footprint to save money and support the company's values.

The goals:

  • HP wanted to boost factory uptime and profitability
  • They wanted to provide predictive maintenance services to improve energy efficiency and monitor the facility's 920 kW solar PV system
  • They wanted to reduce their carbon footprint as a top priority, to align with the company's values while saving money

The solution:

SmartGreen provided the following energy and operational management services to HP, without requiring additional equipment or upfront costs:

  • Automated fault detection and diagnostics, saving energy and avoiding unexpected equipment failure. SmartGreen pinpoints the root cause of equipment problems automatically and notifies the right person, suggests corrective actions and verifies that they've been solved
  • A web-based user interface making it easy for managers to view data from multiple systems.They can also benchmark performance to compare KPIs and trends
  • Dedicated customer support to assist with advanced analytics and ongoing recommendations for how to save energy

With SmartGreen, HP achieved:

  • Electricity costs reduced by $400,000 per year
  • A substantial reduction in technician service calls and weekend work efforts, saving $10,000 a day in personnel costs
  • More comfortable conditions for workers
  • A vastly improved carbon footprint, resulting in the first industrial building in Israel to be certified LEED Silver in recognition of its environmentally sustainable design

"SmartGreen's platform was quick and easy to implement and helped us identify equipment faults and inefficiencies that no other system or expert was able to resolve. It substantially improved our operational and energy efficiency and supported our production growth without increasing expenses nor additional capital investment."

Nir Weiss, HP