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The best file sharing solution will protect critical files, accelerate teamwork and mobilise… everything

SYNC and storage eBookThere’s no nice way to say this: the way businesses store and share files is clunky, expensive and so unsecure that in some cases it might be illegal!

Enter ShareFile.

ShareFile is a business-grade file sharing solution that enables your teams to work faster while protecting your business from hacks, attacks, ransomware, data leaks and regulators.

It’s secure, cost-effective and easy to use, turbo-charging everything from collaboration and workflow, to compliance and mobile work.

In this guide, we explain everything that you need to know about ShareFile, including:

  • The ten big benefits you can’t ignore – things like way better security, the cure for email overload, and faster workflows (for starters)
  • ShareFile use cases – showing how businesses just like yours use it every day
  • How ShareFile can accelerate your journey to the cloud – a journey every business is taking right now

Read it now and find out how it can help your teams work better, together.

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