The Runspace app is a game changer for your business, whether you run a single location coworking space or a residential enterprise.

Imagine a space that you can control entirely from one single, seamless app. Where remote management tools allow you to reduce costs, manage utilities, IT, telecoms and the security of your real estate, all at your fingertips.

Whether you run a single location coworking space or a residential enterprise, Runspace can optimise your place, grow your revenue and accelerate technology within your work environment.

It also enables you to optimise operations, from processing payments to collecting data, managing and accessing everything to preempt unprecedented growth.

With access to real time data and insights, CCTV analytics, security control and people flows, the power is at your fingertips whilst you monitor and manage every corner of your connected space. 

Runspace provides intelligent insight and allows the building to understand and adapt to user perferences, community analytics and business intelligence, meaning your space is improving day upon day.

With Runspace, you have your own private, secure smart Wi-Fi network, where all associated devices can be managed within your private network.


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Tenants have access to more secure networks, where they can benefit from room and event booking with live availability, a dashboard view of schedules and real time appointments, join communities and grab a coffee with other network users. Features include:

  • Smart networks
  • Secure networks
  • Booking rooms & events
  • Managing bookings
  • Calendar integrations
  • Community
  • Membership management
  • Team management


Managers and owners can view benefit from smart indicators, where they can view and manage real-time status of occupancy, revenue and user network. Other benefits that maximise and optimise their oprerations include:

  • Simple content management
  • KPI dashboards and exports
  • Payment management
  • Communicate and convert
  • Manage integrations (lifestyle, concierge etc.)

Everything operates seamlessly and consistently, with improved visibility of data, reports and analyses making for better management


Save time, gain insights, and grow your business with RunSpace.

RunSpace. Your space, just smarter.

Coming soon

RunSpace will be launching in early 2018.
Find out more and register your interest.



Increase revenue with real-time visibility and data-driven insights.



Forward thinking technology with our world-first product offering.



Increase your operations, how you process payments and collect data.