Intelligent buildings design and development

Delivering the future of property, today.

Commmercial real estate technology is transforming the way we invest in, manage and interact with our buildings.

It's enabling a more dynamic experience for both owners and occupants; one that is more efficient, sustainable, and adaptable. Hundreds of companies, including WeWork, Buzzfeed, and Deliveroo, count on us to create smarter buildings, faster.

A 'connected space' combines the latest technological advances in IoT, the cloud, connectivity, and physical design to enable asset managers and landlords better visibility and control over their properties.

At the same time they intuitively respond to occupants creating a more secure, comfortable and customised experience. An intelligent infrastructure saves you time, money and resource through better space utilisation and digital productivity enablements, whilst responding to a digitally fluent culture. 

We've opened over two million square feet of buildings in 33 countries.

In short, we make dream spaces a reality.


Patrick Jump

IT Operations


Of all the AV groups I've worked with globally, yours stands heads and shoulders above the rest in quality of work and craftsmanship.


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