Intelligent buildings design and development.

Delivering the future of property, today.

Commercial real estate technology is transforming the way we invest in, manage and interact with our buildings. It's enabling a more dynamic experience for both owners and occupants; one that is more efficient, sustainable, and adaptable. Hundreds of companies, including OpenTable, Buzzfeed, and Deliveroo, count on us to create smarter buildings, faster.

A 'connected space' combines the latest technological advances in the Internet of things, the cloud, connectivity, and physical design to enable asset managers and landlords better visibility and control over their properties. It's a dynamic, responsive space that adapts to changing conditions through connected building systems and a network of sensors and devices.

At the same time intelligent buildings respond to occupants, creating a more secure, comfortable and customised experience. An intelligent infrastructure saves you time, money and resource through better space utilisation and digitallly-enabled productivity. 


Intelligent Infrastructure

Runplace provides intelligent infrastructure solutions, which empower companies to optimise their space, as well as stakeholder producitivity and experience. The intelligent foundations to a smart infrastructure include:

  • Reliable connectivity
  • Secure networks
  • Secure wireless (indoors and outdoors)
  • Telephony solutions
  • Conferencing
  • Mobile signal boosting
  • Audio Visual technology

Heightened Security

The security solutions that accompany smart building technology can be invaluable. These include:

  • Network/DC security
  • Cyber security
  • Security enhancements for Internet of Things applications 
  • GDPR assessment
  • Data compliance
  • Network segmentation
  • Network access control

Patrick Jump

IT Operations


Of all the AV groups I've worked with globally, yours stands heads and shoulders above the rest in quality of work and craftsmanship.


Audio Visual Solutions

Audio Visual technology is a fundamental component of smarter working solutions, which is why we invest so much in delivering the best possible services through our industry-leading AV architects. The key areas we specialise in delivering are:

  • Collaboration and communications tools - UC and UV
  • Room booking solutions
  • Digital signage and multimedia braodcast tools
  • Audio conferencing facilities
  • Presentation and event space technologies
  • Video walls
  • Control systems
  • Display and content sharing

We've opened over two million square feet of buildings in 33 countries.



We have recently teamed up with SmartGreen, which offers pioneering technology to enable buildings to save energy and money.

Today the business world is increasingly concerned with sustainibility. With a preference for flexiblility, agility and efficiency, the properties we occupy are expected to reflect this, from our homes, leisure faciltiies, offices, even to our vehicles.

With Runplace smart technologies, businesses can drive up revenue while reducing operational costs, resulting in increased profitability.At the same time, users and occupants benefit from better wellbeing, increased productivity and satisfaction and much more seamless, user friendly and comfortable experience whilst in the workplace.

In short, we make dream spaces a reality.