Collaboration is easy when you’ve got a handful of people on your team. No need to chase down projects across departments, no waiting around for a swarm of feedback. Business is swift and agile – it’s what makes your small team special.

But things change when you start growing. New roles, different responsibilities and a growing number of people make it hard to communicate well. Work becomes a bunch of email threads full of buried attachments and conflicting file versions. Conversations and deadlines get harder to track. Teamwork just isn’t seamless anymore.

That’s where ShareFile comes in – a cloud-based service for sharing and storing your critical files. It’s a place where everyone can work better together. That’s because it makes it a whole lot easier to do the five ‘Ss’:

1. Sharing

Once you authorise users on ShareFile, they’re free to access whatever files they need to, whenever they need them. Whether they’re on desktops, laptops or phones, file-sharing becomes easy. They see exactly the same things you do. That’s particularly valuable if you’ve got a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy – your staff get more freedom and your projects stay consistent.

2. Storage

Your files are stored in a central location. So instead of multiple users having different folders and different file versions (a mess), the team works with a single source of truth. No more clunky file extensions, no more copy-clash. Great for growing businesses. Plus, once a document gets created, you get a secure web link to a version that updates whenever someone makes a change. All you do is share the link with your team – then everyone is free to jump in and out of the document whenever they choose.

3. Sync

Syncing is all about having the best plan B. With ShareFile, that means automatically backing up your files to a secure cloud whenever a change is made, or as soon as a new file is added to your computer. This is great news for growing businesses, as you don’t have to worry about backing up files yourself. And your files will never get lost.

4. Security

Projects are protected with bank-grade security. It protects you from any unauthorised access with advanced features like 256-bit encryption (in transit and at rest) as well as two-factor authentication and single sign-on. You’ll also recover from disasters a lot faster because your files are automatically backed up in the cloud. Most importantly, the software's security features are constantly getting better to keep up with new threats like ransomware attacks.

5. Streamlining

When several different people are working on the same file, the last thing you want is to have to wait for someone to check their email before they can approve. The software accelerates that stage of the process by making it easier to both signal that a document needs approval from someone, and signal the document has been approved. All with an audit trail (and if you add the functionality – e-signatures). ShareFile saves hours in your week, without making significant changes to the way you work.

Great work happens when everyone is on the same page – that’s why it pays to have a smarter way to collaborate. Consumer-grade storage solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive come close, but if your growing team is going to get this right, you’ll need all five ‘Ss’: sharing, storage, sync, security and streamlining.

That’s why ShareFile is the better way to work.

Read our mini-guide and learn more about all the ways it can help your business.

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Chris Coupe

Written by Chris Coupe

Chris is a director at RunTech. Having spent six years in business development and management, he plays an invaluable role in seeking out new opportunities and driving the company forward.