There are occasions when a single moment changes the fate of a particular endeavour beyond recognition.  Imagine if Sergio Aguero’s last-minute shot hits the post, and Manchester City don’t break their 44-year title drought.  

Tom Selleck accepts the role of Indiana Jones, and Harrison Ford ends his career as “the guy from Star Wars.”  Chris Pinkham and Willem van Biljon never meet in 2004.

OK, so perhaps you haven't heard of that last example.  However, you may well have heard of their greatest creation: Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing platform that powers many major technologies and businesses across the globe. It is not an exaggeration to say that without it, life would be very different. For example, imagine…

…a world without Netflix.

More material than we could watch in a thousand lifetimes, Netflix has made public consumption of television and film advert-less, inexpensive, and easily accessible from laptops and mobile devices.  There are those that spend days on it.  In a parallel universe where AWS never happens, Blockbuster Video still reigns supreme, charging £3-5 (depending on how recently the film has been released) for a single DVD rental, while the public silently accepts that pricing model and the non-negotiable late fees.

…a world without Spotify.

Perhaps it isn't quite fair to say that without AWS and Spotify, music as we know it would be changed forever.  It is fair to say, however, that the way we decide what music we like would be very different.  Not only does Spotify have hundreds of thousands of songs in its database – likely all your favourites, unless you happen to be a Beatles fan – it has an excellent recommendation service, a genuine digital tastemaker that shapes the listening habits of millions of people.  There are whole industries, now intertwined in our personal lives, that have been built from scratch on use of the cloud.

…a world without Farmville.

Actually, Farmville is annoying.  Disregard this one.

…a world without Airbnb.

The community marketplace that enables us to list, discover and book accommodation around the world has totally revolutionised the travel and tourism sector. No longer are we frustrated by ridiculously overpriced hotels, or tasked with trawling the web to find the best travel deals.   All of us like to take a break at some point in the year, and thanks to Airbnb and its cloud affiliation, this is now a whole lot easier.

…a world without iFollowOffice.   

We at iFollowOffice are official partners of Amazon Web Services.  Not only is it an excellent service, which allows us to offer flexible cloud desktop solutions to employees who are sick of being chained to their desks, they’re also our valued and trusted friends.  Here’s to you, AWS.  Cheers.

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Written by workplacetech

workplacetech, Author at Viastak Technologists.