At Viastak & iFollowOffice, we're happy to say we're Cloud & Proud! If you're not, maybe you should start having a think about why you should be too. To help you out, we're having a look at the 5 main reasons to be Cloud & Proud.

1. Cost Savings

That's right. By making that bold move to the Cloud, you open the door to advantageous cost savings. In fact, Business Insider found that Cloud users saved an average of 21% annually and our clients took advantage of an average of 43% cost savings by migrating to the Cloud!

Fun Coupons! Stop imagining the day you can do the same as Leo. 

2. Accessibility & Flexibility

 Don’t suffer from lack of Flexibility! 

 ...and don't get caught out like Joey with lack of Accessibility. 

The Cloud drastically improves the accessibility & flexibility that your IT can provide, whether this means working from a sunny beach, or even accessing your desktop from any device when your rushing into a meeting away from the office. Check out some of the places our team were able to work!

3. Scalability

'This downsizing has gone too far!' 

Scalability doesn't always mean getting upsizing. So whether you need to downsize or upsize on a monthly basis, the Cloud makes this a hundred times easier!

4. Real Estate

Get rid of those 'space hungry' servers and install a slide in your office!

Have you ever considered what you could do with that one room you've filled up with those darn servers? Even more so, the cost of running the servers and air conditioning! Let us Cloud providers worry about storing all those servers in our data centres so you can worry about more pressing issues, such as whether you go for an office slide or hot tub!

5. Security & Disaster Recovery

Disasters, whether large or small can, and will, happen. Don't let it get you by surprise! 

HP Autonomy recently stated that 93% of organisations that lose data because of a disaster go out of business within two years. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty scary to me! By ensuring that your data is stored in the Cloud (such as Amazon Web Services who are trusted by the US federal government) you no longer need to worry about that.

To add to this, a recent survey by Microsoft found that 94% of companies reported that they saw an improvement in security after switching to Cloud Computing!

We're Cloud & Proud!!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how you can really benefit from the Cloud! Even better, try our Live Demo to see discover how our Cloud Desktop beats the rest!

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Written by workplacetech

workplacetech, Author at Viastak Technologists.